What sort of content can I expect to find in the magazine?

The magazine contains newly commissioned features on people of interest in the Entertainment, Music, Art industries and Pop culture. Journal style think pieces are a huge part of CV, they provide readers with a unique, honest, and unfiltered perspective from our writers.

When is Color Views Magazine available for purchase?

Color Views is released every 3 months, purchases can be made at select stores, and at our digital market place at www.colorviewsmag.com/shop/

Who are the editors of Color Views magazine?

Chris Walker is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Color Views magazine

How many times a year is Color Views magazine published?

Color Views is released on a quarterly basis. Four issues are released each year.

How can I advertise in Color Views magazine?

For advertising inquiries please contact Editor@ColorViewsMag.com

Where can I buy Color Views magazine?

CV magazine can be bought online at www.colorviewsmag.com/shop/.

How much is Color Views magazine?

Individual issues may be bought, or a year subscription can be bought. Individual issues vary in price, visit www.colorviewsmag.com/shop/ for details.

How do I subscribe to Color Views magazine?

Visit www.colorviewsmag.com/shop/

How can I find out more about Color Views magazine?

Read the Color Views archive and order specific back copies through the ColorViewsmag.com shop. Be the first to get updates on the magazine by following @ColorViewsMag on twitter, following the Color Views magazine Instagram and signing up to the Color Views newsletter at ColorViewsmag.com/club

For further information on opportunities to distribute or stock frieze, please contact: Chris Walker – Editor@ColorViewsMag.com